Today is the day for Danny Meyer’s No Tipping Policy to hit the streets

cropped-restaurant-people-alcohol-bar-e1447217710586.jpgAfter much anticipation and build up, famous New York restaurateur Danny Meyer today invokes his no tipping policy.
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World Waits With Bated Breath As Danny Meyer’s No-Tipping Policy Starts Today


If things felt a little … different when you rolled out of bed this morning, there’s a good reason for that. Today — after a month of breathless anticipation — Danny Meyer will officially ax tipping at the Modern. This, of course, is only the beginning of Meyer’s so-called “hospitality included” program. The museum restaurant, which has enjoyed a very nice year critically, will act as a testing ground for Meyer’s plan to raise menu prices and nix gratuity to help create more consistent wages for all employees, including underpaid line cooks.
Food and beverage prices won’t increase at a flat rate across the board, but, as chief restaurant officer Sabato Sagaria said at the first Union Square Hospitality Group no-tipping town hall, check averages will increase by 5 to 8 percent over what you would’ve paid yesterday. The transition isn’t exactly final, as the Modern will first undergo a two-month trial period that will dictate how they approach Hospitality Included going forward. Presuming this doesn’t turn out to be a total disaster, all 13 USHG restaurants will eventually follow suit over the course of the next year.

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